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experience and management


We Are TownConnect

TownConnect software is an app that has been designed keeping in mind the objective of providing clients with complete management facilities. We aim to add comfort with style in your lives by making all your home chores and the several day to day requirements available to you within a matter of a few clicks. Make the most of the tech-savvy era and of all the services you need to keep your sauce and your life clutter free and safe in the most efficient and cost-effective prices.

Register to onboard

Let’s start this relationship by getting registered with your society first. Once the proper procedure of establishing an account has been done, we collaborate and work under the knowledge of the authorities of your complex or society.

Set Up and Configure

Quickly set up Detailed list of services, Configure your workflow and upload resident data

And you are good to go

To enjoy rich dashboard to view multiple data sources to Track Order Progress, Review Visitor List, Manage Parking, Manage events, Review and address complaints, Communicate via SMS and Emails, Generate Status Reports and much more …

Society Admin

The society secretaries or managers can make a detailed list of the services they think will be needed the most and include it in the customization of packages for them. In case any extra services are required then the once that are mentioned they may be chargeable. The person in charge of the society will be assigned a technician and all the related follow up of the work can be done via him. This clutter-free setting is sure to generate a better quality of work without much confusion.

App for Residents

We at TownConnect understand and appreciate the efforts you put in for a smoother and healthier way of living. Managing the endless chores in your personal space and keeping it crystal clean and sparkling at the same time can really be a task. Our app for residents has been created with a vision to lend in a hand while you juggle so many balls at once. The jobs of coordinating with a plumber and carpenter and your sofa cleaning expert at the same time can be really draining. But worry no more, by installing our app, all you need to do is register your areas of service and the rest will be taken care of by us. Right from your plumbing jobs to making your space pest controlled, we assure you we are going to take care of it all. You can really be at peace knowing that all the solutions to your various problems are just a click away.

App to Workforce

Once your requirements have been updated on the app, it will automatically be checked by our technician or the person in charge and with the knowledge and consent of the main authority in charge, the work will get in the proceeding. Right from the time of starting to the point where the work is finished, you will be in, complete knowledge about the status of the work. This easily accessible tracking system keeps you posted about the time and progress of the work being done. When we are working with big complexes and societies, considering the strength of the people residing there, we understand your need for privacy, and therefore with TownConnect, you can be assured that all the relevant data shared is completely safe and secure.

App for Visitor Management

The alarming crime rate is definitely a major cause of concern for everyone. It will not be wrong to say that these issues at one point or the other left us all scared and worried. We at TownConnect, want to make sure that with our services you and your loved ones are insured with safety at all times. The use of our app enables you to communicate directly with the guards and let them know exactly who your visitor is. With the help of our app, you can not only share the picture of the person expected but can also ask for a picture of the person waiting outside. It goes without saying that once this is done the ratio of your security goes to a far superior level.

Simple & Transparent Pricing

We offer packages as per your needs and requirements. The options are available according to the assignments
of the tasks to be carried out and how frequently you will need the services at your society or complex.